Fantastic Imaginary Creatures: An Anthology of Contemporary Prose Poems Edited by Gerry LaFemina. Call for Submissions. Picture of La in black on a winter street with pink buildings in the background. Around the edges of the flyer with submissions guidelines is a celtic-type border with fantastical creatures in pink and gray. 

Call for Submissions

This anthology will be edited by Gerry LaFemina

The prose poem is the literary sphinx, the literary chimera, minotaur, gryphon—part one thing, part another and at their best, they’re magical, mythical. Fantastic Imaginary Creatures seeks to collect the best contemporary prose poems that demonstrate the potentiality and plasticity the form allows, previously published or brand spanking new. We’re not looking for short short stories, but rather work that explores the liminal space between story and lyric, the luminous spark of possibility in the form.

Submission Guidelines

  • Accepting Submissions Jan 1, 2023 through April 1, 2023.
  • Submit up to five prose poems. (All should be included in a single document. Each new prose poem should start on a new page within that document.)
  • Submissions should be blind, not showing the author’s name anywhere. (Give that information on the submission form, but not anywhere on the manuscript, including the file name.)
  • Reading fee, $8. (Goes toward prize monies and production costs. Winning unsolicited work receives a $200 prize and the two runners-up each receive $100.)
  • Proposed publication date for the anthology is Spring 2024.
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